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Breakthrough Envirowater Technology
Envirowater provide environmentally friendly waste water treatment and water recycling systems based on natural biological processes to domestic houses. (0.40c per kl vrs $2.00)
Countrywide water treatment was set up by two developers who wanted to economically and automatically recycle water onsite to distinguish their paddocks from other developers.
Essential Filtration took on a reseller roll when Matt found out the economics of Envirowater.
Envirowater now has licensees selling their ground breaking technology.
Envirowater Domestic Grey water is an efficient, completely automated waste water treatment system that recycles   waste water from the laundry, hand basin, shower, bath and spa into a clear odorless class “A“ water.
Envirowater Diverter captures and distributes grey water for immediate reuse under the surface of the soil, helping to maintain gardens and lawns green all year round.
Envirowater Commercial, industrial and development systems.
Envirowater Desalination and Potable water reverse osmosis systems.
Fixed Media Bioreactor Technology - Basic Concept
The Envirowater provide environmentally friendly waste water treatment and water recycling systems based on natural biological processes.
Self powering, zero waste, safety and security systems, potential for carbon credit generation, world class water efficeincy control and water.
Envirowater Performance Data
Automated Quality Control
Envirowater process is designed for 100% compliance.
System automatically monitors water quality and discharges water to the sewer that doesn’t meet the safety standards thereby ensuring the highest water quality to the end user.
Water quality can be monitored anywhere in the world via a secure website server from anywhere in the world.
Reverse Osmosis Technology
This technology can be set up as a desalination system for salty / dirty water bores or a system that produces potable water from an appropriate source.
Currently about to be commissioned at the Green Gully Soccer club.
Our RO system  is more energy efficient than current systems, has a greater recovery rate of purified water and has a very small and  efficient "foot print" for its water production capacity.
Applications / Solutions
Our designs are approved by the EPA however each installation above domestic size has to make its own application for approval to DHS and EPA.
Our Class A water can be safely reused in Toilets, washing machines and all open spaces. 
The systems can be scaled to service Retirement Villages, subdivisions, highrise housing, office developments, nursing homes or any other situation that produces waste water.
We even have the ability to direct sewer mine and have the water automatically available for large parks, gardens, opens spaces and street scapes.
Current Situation
Current grey water designs are available for Unit Developments, Retirement Villages, Highrise Buildings, resort developments, nursing homes or any other development that produces waste water.
Benefits to the developer come from what you can do with water in your development when your competitors don’t have access to water year round.
Envirowater systems can pay for them selves through the value added to properties on feature Parks and Gardens (See Echuca sales forecast).
Development applications are approximately six to twelve months away.
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