Landscape tools and supplies service

Landscape tools and supplies service: When springtime disembarks, every home-owner has some landscaping maintenance to perform, if only to maintain the lawn vigorous and plant some flower beds. Raking, thatching, planting and transplanting are some of the missions to look out during spring. We have you in mind! Leaf rakes, lawn rakes, multi-purpose bow rakes, pruners, spades and shovels, welders, translators and many other devices are on hand to assist you achieve your landscaping maintenance. Whatever the assignment and whatever your budget, our company has the means that you want! It is originally a profession group which conducts its operations in skilled manner, offering instruments that are styled and created by hand. Continuing investment in new technologies and the development of an extremely expert and knowledgeable workforce have assisted us turn out to be and hang about one of the leading manufacturers of landscape tools and supplies for removal and gardening tools. For more visit:


Make your place spectacular and eye-catching with beautiful indoor and outdoor plants

The beauty of your garden lies in planting, potting and cultivating. Various houseplants could be very favorable in our lives, as they sanitize and renovate our indoor air, and enhance the beauty of your space. Attractive indoor houseplants generate impact and give elevate to any spot. To match you choice of attractive flora, we have the largest collection of indoor and outdoor plants in Dubai. Our in-house florist creates vibrant exhibit from beautiful plants arrangements. Just sit back and enjoy the beauty of your newly planted garden with our inspiring range of plants.

Our wide-ranging collection is idyllic for hotels, offices, lobbies, restaurants and homes. We specialize utterly in quality indoor houseplants, pots and outdoor plants, which could capture everyone’s eye. Look at all of the diverse planting options that will make your home gardens pop this year.