Benefits of Thatch roofing

Thatch roofing is a very realistic and alternative option to ordinary roofs in rainy season. Typically, the roof is the most costly part of a building but thatch roofing can be very inexpensive in some areas. If it is more expensive in your area, then it is something to consider due to stunning looks and natural cooling properties. The beauty of thatch roofing is in its eternal simplicity. It has recommended for ease of installation and substitution. Thatch has over a decade of proven performance, and is really the only product in the market that truly designed for 20 years of prolonged existence in any climate.

It is a specialized work, which is not available every-where, as it is made with only the highest quality raw materials that are exclusively designed for long term. We offer our customers brilliant thatch roofing without any drawback in Dubai, and we guaranteed that no other thatch roof has been able to match its quality and durability.

Make your place spectacular and eye-catching with beautiful indoor and outdoor plants

The beauty of your garden lies in planting, potting and cultivating. Various houseplants could be very favorable in our lives, as they sanitize and renovate our indoor air, and enhance the beauty of your space. Attractive indoor houseplants generate impact and give elevate to any spot. To match you choice of attractive flora, we have the largest collection of indoor and outdoor plants in Dubai. Our in-house florist creates vibrant exhibit from beautiful plants arrangements. Just sit back and enjoy the beauty of your newly planted garden with our inspiring range of plants.

Our wide-ranging collection is idyllic for hotels, offices, lobbies, restaurants and homes. We specialize utterly in quality indoor houseplants, pots and outdoor plants, which could capture everyone’s eye. Look at all of the diverse planting options that will make your home gardens pop this year.

Fountain or Swimming Pool Design in Dubai

We introduce a new lifestyle with a large variety of swimming pools and fountains based on exclusive designs. We have the goal of delivering highest quality swimming pool services with state of the art designing. Our experience, skill and practical knowledge are able to complete every task quickly and efficiently to ensure the best possible result.

We plan and built all sorts of fountains, pathways, swimming pools, gazebos, lighting, gates, fencing, sheds, wooden decks, automatic irrigation, exotic plants and pots, water features, indoor and outdoor planting, and much more.

By developing and manufacturing new technology, we create outstanding atmosphere around your space, which enhance the beauty and value of your home or business. Our motive is to provide the most professional service to our clients.

Swimming Pool Dubai